Rockhouse Spa, two time winner of the World Travel Award for Best Spa in Jamaica, offers incredible treatment experiences in an idyllic Caribbean setting. We take a simple, holistic approach to wellbeing, health and happiness, with a natural Jamaica style. Allow us to help you unwind.

Treatments take place in the cliff-edge spa cabanas or at the Rockhouse Spa Pavilion, an energetic temple nestled among tropical gardens, as well as in our newest addition, the bathing pavilion overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The question is: would you prefer a therapeutic soak with an amazing view, or a massage at the edge of the ocean?

Our international spa consultant, Linda Hall is a guru of a holistic spa therapy philosophy with replace 40 years of experience in the UK, Asia, US and the Caribbean. Linda works with our certified therapists to stay current on the latest techniques, treatments, equipment and products. The Rockhouse Spa is the first to feature the Caribbean Essentials Spa Collection featuring all natural, Caribbean-made products and treatment rituals.


Rockhouse Spa offers an ever expanding variety of massages that will satisfy our most discerning guests. Our massages will revitalize, relax, stimulate or sedate you, whichever rubs you righter! Rockhouse offers a full range of individual massage treatments including Aromatherapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Pregnancy and Sports Massage.


The ancient art of the bathing ritual is one of nature’s oldest and most beautiful pastimes. We bathe to cleanse, detoxify, beautify, heal, pamper, relax, de-stress and feel good; it is a vital and indulgent way of taking care of the body, health and spirit.

Soak in a therapeutic bath infused with your selection from our aromatherapy blends Release, Rapture or Restore, combined with corresponding botanicals, herbs and flower petals. This bathing soak is the perfect way to pamper, indulge and relax yourself in therapeutic, hydrating, healing, calming waters. It is also the ultimate enhancement to any other spa service…


Rockhouse offers a full range of holistic mind, body and beauty therapies including Table Thai (Nuat Thai), Herbal Poultice Massage (Luk Pra Kope), the Deep Healing Back Ritual, Shirodhara and our Steamy Wonder sauna experience. For the feet we offer Reflexology, Aqua Detox pedicures, Hot Stone pedicures and our signature Foot Ceremony.