We want you to completely disconnect. For starters, trade your blues for turquoise - the colour of the clearest water on island lapping just at an arm's reach in Pristine Cove. Jump from our bridge, explore the cave, and then check out a snorkel from the Pool Bar and gaze on the brain coral and fish just below. Or stay right where you are and simply soak in the sights. Whatever your speed, we have something to match


Open classes of Hatha Yoga lyengar styles are conducted in our Yoga Pavillion with views to the crystal blue horizon. Classes are structured to encompass all levels, welcoming beginners and challenging more advanced yogis. The Iyengar method places special focus on developing strength, endurance and correct body alignment in addition to flexibility and relaxation. Iyengar Hatha yoga is meditation in action.

Classes are led by Fanette Johnson who has over 30 years of instruction experience, teaching for many years in New York, where she was concurrently undergoing further Yoga studies. Prior to working at Rockhouse Fanette led Yoga classes at Swept Away Resort and the Negril Yoga Center where she continues to work.

Yoga classes are also conducted at sister hotel, Skylark Negril Beach Resort and you are invited to join these. Check Front Desk for Schedule.