Rockhouse Guest Services

An alphabetical listing of the services from the Concierge, Housekeeping,
Reception and General Hotel Information.



International – Montego Bay Donald Sangster International Airport is 70 miles and approximately a one and
a half hour drive from Skylark.  The major international airlines for reservations and flight confirmations in Montego Bay are:

Air Canada:   Ph. 800-677-2485 & 876-952-5160
American Airlines:  Ph. 800-744-0006 & 876-952-5950
Air Tran:   Ph. 800-247-8726
British Airways:   Ph. 800-247-9297 & 876-952-3771
Caribbean Airlines:  Ph. 800-744-2225
Continental:   Ph. 800-231-0856 & 876-952-5530 (2)
Jet Blue:  Ph. 800-963-3014
Northwest:  Ph. 800-225-2525 & 876-952-9740
US Airways:  Ph. 800-622-1015 & 876-940-0171(2)

Domestic – Negril
Negril Aerodrome provides daily (charter) flights between Montego Bay and
Negril as well as flights to Kingston, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.  It is ¾
of a mile from Skylark. The domestic airlines are:
Tim Air:
Negril:   Ph. 876-957-5374
Montego Bay:  Ph. 876-952-2516
Int’l Air Link   Ph. 876-940-6660

Alcoholics Anonymous

Meets every Mon, Wed & Fri at 6pm, Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic



There are two banks in Negril, with ATM machines; National Commercial Bank
and Scotia Bank. Only the ATM machine at Scotiabank dispenses in US currency,
all other machines dispense the Jamaican equivalent of the currency used.

National Commercial Bank, Sunshine Plaza: Ph. 876-957-4117 (9)
Mon-Thu 8.30am-2.30pm
Fri  8.30am-4.00pm

Scotia Bank Negril Tow: Ph. 876-957-4236
Mon-Thu  8.30am-2.30pm
Fri   8.30am-4.00pm
See “Foreign Exchange” in this section for other places to exchange money.


Bike Rental

As with driving a car (see Car & Jeep Rental), motorcycle and mopeds can be
especially dangerous in Jamaica. Nevertheless many tourists find this an exciting, interesting and cost effective way to explore the island.

Rentals cost between $45 and $85 per day, depending on the company, the season, and the size and type of bike.  Companies we regularly use include:

Banmark                 Shefield Rd, Negril           Ph. 876-957-0197
Tykes Bike              West End Rd, Negril        Ph. 876-957-4863
Gas Bike Rental     West End Rd, Negril        Ph. 876-957-4835 / 876-853-9982

If you use any other companies make sure they are licensed.  Your bike should have a valid fitness transfer and registration, valid insurance, two license plates, functioning lights (we recommend keeping them turned on while riding even in the daytime), brakes and horn.  It is recommended that you wear a helmet.

Bicycles can be rented for about US$10 to US$15 per day or US$70 to US$100 per week from Banmark (contact details above). Check that the bike is functioning properly before leaving – particularly the brakes. We recommend wearing a helmet.  See also the Negril Guide section of this directory for Bike Tours.

Boat Trip

See Negril Guide section of this directory.


Car & Jeep Rental

There are various rental companies that can be arranged directly, through the Front Desk at Skylark, or on arrival at Montego Bay airport. In high season it is advisable to book in advance.

Island Car Rental          Montego Bay Airport               Ph. 876-952-5771
Budget Car Rental        Montego Bay Airport               Ph. 876-952-3838

All of these companies can arrange for cars to meet you at the hotel or at the airport for pick up and drop off. Prices depend on the company you choose; the size and type of vehicle; air-conditioning; the season; where you are picking up and dropping off and whether insurance is covered by your
credit card.  Rates range from US$80 to US$100 per day and US$250 to US$500 per week (excluding insurance).  You will need to be at least 21, have a valid driver’s license and a recognized credit card.

Renting a car can be an intriguing experience as you learn to negotiate Jamaica’s roads.  Potholes, goats, children, vendors, other vehicles and an unbelievable variety of Jamaican life and culture finds its way into the street and you, as a driver, must not only get where you want to go, but avoid all the obstacles.  And most importantly remember to stay on the left!  Roads are largely unmarked and the few signs may be difficult to locate or read. This can especially make driving at night, without knowledge of the road, dangerous.  Still, a rental car gives you the freedom to go where you want to go. If you get lost, Jamaican’s are always forthcoming with directions, which may or may not be precisely correct, but will be sure to be part of your Jamaican adventure.


Check in time is 3 Pm and Checkout time is 11 Am on the day of departure. Requests for late checkouts can be directed to the Front Office on the morning of your departure and will depend on whether there is a new arrival for that room. On departure please remember to empty your safe and ensure that your room keys are returned to reception. Guests are welcome to use the facilities on the property throughout the day on the day of departure – luggage may be left at the Front Office after vacating the room. For luggage assistance call the Front Office.

Concierge Services

Our security personnel at the Front Desk are also our concierge service and are available for assistance 24 hours a day. If you require help please don’t hesitate to contact them including luggage assistance, wake up calls, getting a taxi, parking your car, messages, iron and ironing board, hairdryer, etc.
For local activities, tours, sightseeing, nightlife etc. see our Negril Guide section of this directory or ask at the Front Desk.


For international courier service there is a DHL “drop off” located in Negril at Coral Seas Plaza, and offices located in Montego Bay Ph. 876-979-0543, or Ph. 876-952-0485. Federal Express is not in Negril, the nearest office is located in Montego Bay at 10 Queens Drive, Ph. 876-952-0411 (2). You may call either DHL or Federal Express to schedule a pickup from the hotel, but this adds a considerable charge to the delivery cost. Domestic courier service is operated by TARA Couriers from Negril Aerodrome, Norman Manley Blvd., Ph. 876-926-3232


Being in a natural environment, there are a number of creatures (mostly harmless) that also inhabit our locale. Some of the more bothersome are:

Jelly Fish (Stingers) – At certain times of the year there are stingers in the sea water. They are translucent bodies that float near the surface of the water. Usually observable through a facemask, they can be avoided relatively easily. If stung you should abort the dive, do not rub to prevent further discharge, wash the affected area with an antiseptic, and apply vinegar or rubbing alcohol to the skin immediately. Where allergic reaction occurs, treat the stung area with cortisone and if your condition deteriorates seek medical advice. Severe stings, especially in the face and throat area may cause breathing difficulty and shock in susceptible divers. If this occurs, immediately notify the Front Desk or the General Manager to seek immediate medical attention.

– Fire Coral – On nearly every reef you can find fire coral. Fire coral is
also potentially found on the ropes used to secure the bouys on our swim line and for this reason we do not recommend touching the ropes or buoys. Creamy tan in color , it comes in a variety of shapes because it can grow other coral, for example sea fans, it is not always easy to distinguish. Upon contact, nematocyst, small stinging cells located on the polyps will discharge causing a burning sensation. Rubbing the area will only induce further discharge, making it worse. After the dive apply some meat tenderizer to reduce the sting. An antibiotic or cortisone cream might be beneficial.

– Fire or Bristle worms – This worm, resembling a large centipede, can be seen crawling through the reef, feeding on polyps of stag horn coral and soft gorgonians. Don’t play with them; the bristles of white hair, that become visible when the worm is disturbed, will penetrate your skin and are nearly impossible to remove. They will cause an irritation that can last a few days and is quite painful. Cortisone cream may help to ease the pain.

– Stingrays – Although southern and yellow stingrays are able to cause a potential serious injury with their venomous spine located at the base of the tail, they will not seek you out to do so. If stung seek medical attention as soon as possible, but if there is a time delay, it helps to keep the injured area submerged in water as hot as you can tolerate. This will assist in breaking down the protein-based venom and alleviates the pain.

– Barracudas – Although their appearance is intimidating, they are not really dangerous animals. Because they need to pump water through their gills to breath, they are often seen with their mouths open, displaying a fierce set of teeth. However, these are normally not used on humans, providing you follow the basic rule of leaving them alone. In standoff situations where a barracuda approaches you, don’t swim away but swim towards him. They are generally the losers in this game and will turn away.

– Mosquitoes – At certain times of the year mosquitoes can be numerous in the West End of Negril. In undertaking the re-landscaping of the garden we paid particular attention to this problem, eradicating plants where pools of water formed in the leaves creating an ideal breeding place for mosquitoes. Also, in renovating the rooms we replaced all of the fly wire, built additional screens and put mosquito nets on each bed. In addition, we regularly spray the rooms and grounds for bugs. The measures outlined, combined with a few simple steps can ensure peaceful nights:

Sea Urchins (Sea Spikes) – These are black round spiny creatures that are observable submerged, clinging to rocks and the sea floor. If touched their spines will spike you and break off under your skin. Most often such encounters occur by stepping on the urchin while getting into and out of the water across the rocks. They are usually not on the metal ladders and so this is the safest way to access the water. If stung the spines should be removed with tweezers.

Local tradition is to soak the stung area in urine (your own or your partners will work!). The acid helps bring any submerged spine to the surface and relieve the pain. For those a little less adventurous you may alternatively soak the area in vinegar, ammonia or an antiseptic to assist the body in dissolving them. Our spa team will be happy to assist with soaking the injured area in vinegar. Afterwards an antibiotic cream can be applied. In a serious case or if infection occurs, a doctor should be consulted. There is no permanent damage from such a sting, although it may remain tender and somewhat numb in the area for a few days while the poison from the sting clears.

– Hydroids – There are a variety of hydroids on the reef, all causing a mild to moderate sting when touched. They can be found at any depth, but the most common place where divers encounter them is on mooring lines. Because hydroids belong to the same class as fire coral, first aid for stings is the same: application of meat tenderizer and cortisone cream.

– Sponges – Some of the beautiful colored sponges can also produce a mild sting, but if you follow the “hands off” rule, that type of injury is rare. Vinegar can be used as first aid, followed with a cortisone cream.

– Scorpion fish – Sometimes they are called stonefish or, by Jamaicans, “poisonous grouper.” Like the rays, these fish have spines containing venom, which is used as a defense against possible attackers. Scorpion fish are experts in camouflage and blend in very well with their background. They tend to lie motionless unless seriously harassed, after which they will quickly move away. If by chance, you get stung, first aid and treatment is the same as mentioned above for stingray’s punctures.

– Pacific Lionfish – The lionfish is a voracious predator which eats only other fish and occasionally young lobster. They originate in the Pacific and Indian oceans but have found an ideal home in the warm waters of the Caribbean and can grow between six and 18 inches. The fish are often used as ornamental fish because of their colourful bodies and long separated spines, and are, therefore, often placed in aquariums for attraction. Depending on their species, the fish can appear yellow, brown, red, orange, black, maroon or white. The fish confuses and traps its predators (other fish) by extending its long spines and moving closely towards it. Before the prey can escape, it charges and gobbles it in a split second. The fish can also be dangerous to humans as its spines contain toxins that produce a sharp pain upon contact. These are treatable with a tetanus shot but it is advised that if you see these fish that you stay away from them and advise the front desk of the area in which they are seen.

  • As soon as the sun starts going down ensure that all the doors to the room are kept closed – be sure to check the door to the shower.
  • At the same time lower the mosquito net and tuck it into the sides of the bed.
  • Ensure that lights are not left on in the rooms in the evening as this attracts the mosquitoes
  • Use an insect repellent such “OFF”, available in our Boutique. A natural remedy is to rub the juices from a freshly-cut lime (available at the bar) on your skin.
  • Ensure that you sleep with your mosquito net tucked into the bed. Tuck the ends in prior to entering and the sides can be gathered and tucked in once inside – note the net drops inside the posts.
  • For those of you wishing to take more radical action, in addition to the above steps, light a coil on the floor by the bed about a half an hour before the sun starts to go down and let it burn throughout the night. Coils are available at the Skylark Boutique. To protect the floor please put the coil on the coil dish, which should be in your room.

Housekeeping will hook the nets over the top of the bedposts to put it up during the day. To put it down, the nets are lifted back over the post, while keeping the elastic attachment on the post.

– Others – There are obviously a host of other creatures that inhabit the air, land and sea at Skylark Negril. If any of them are bothersome please notify the Front Desk.

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Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you have any problems with your credit cards while on the island you can call their offices at:

Visa/MasterCard:  Ph.  876-968-7603(4) or 1-888-991-4030/1-888-991-4131
American Express:  Ph. 1-800-528-2121

Cruise at Sunset

See the Negril Guide Section.


The local currency, the Jamaican Dollar, is represented as J$ and pronounced the “Jay”. It is a free floating exchange rate, however, over the past five years it has been weakening at a rate about 10% each year. Of course fluctuations are unpredictable and may occur at any time. You can exchange your US dollars at the Front Desk; and US dollars is readily accepted everywhere. See Foreign Exchange for more information on currency exchanging.

Customs & Departure

We recommend that you reconfirm your flight on the morning of your departure and check if it is scheduled on time. It is often best to ask if the incoming plane departed on time and is scheduled to arrive on time. Allow 90 minutes to travel by taxi to the airport in Montego Bay and you should be at the airport two hours prior to departure – the lines can be very long, particularly for departure! Additionally, there are at times very long lines going through Customs which may cause a delay to your departure gate making it very important to arrive to the airport at least two hours in advance.



Arrangements can be made through the Front Desk to see a dentist. There is one in Negril and one available in Savanna-la-mar:

Dr. David McGleggon Kings Plaza, Negril Ph. +1876-957-9235
Dr. Oswald Dunn 58 Beckford St, Savanna-la-mar Ph. +1-876-955-2020

A basic in office consultation should cost approximately US$50.00 and a house call to the hotel starts at US$150 approx.

Departure Lounge

The newly opened Club Mobay VIP Lunge offers a Fast Track service in and out of the Montego Bay Airport. The 10,000 sq ft private departure lounge also offers complimentary refreshments and snacks featuring fresh fruit and pastry, State of the art business centre and Spa treatments and shower facilities. Passes can be purchased at our Front Desk for $30 per adult or Ph +1-876-618-3651.

Doctors & Medical Care

Arrangements can be made through the Front Desk to see a doctor. There are a number of doctors and clinics in Negril. A basic, in office consultation should cost approximately US$50.00 although there is a great cost variation between alternative doctors. It may also be possible, for an additional charge, to arrange for a doctor to come to the hotel. Though doctors may change, however the more permanent contacts are:

Dr. Michelle Coterelle-Grant, Shop #19 Sunshine Plaza, Ph. +1-876-957-3770
Dr. Dale Foster, Kings Plaza, Ph. +1-876-957-9307
E-Med Air Ambulance Jamaica Kingston Ph. +1-876-887-1144

There are two public hospitals 30 to 45 minutes away in Savanna-la-Mar and

Savanna-la-Ma Hospital, Savanna-la-mar Ph. +1-876-955-2533
Lucea Hospital, Lucea Ph. +1-876-956-2233

In cases of extreme emergency we recommend the Hope Diagnostic Center located at the Half Moon Club in Montego Bay Ph .+1-876-953-3649. This is a 24-hour clinic specifically established for dealing with tourist medical emergencies. From the Hope Diagnostic Center, if necessary, they can arrange for an airlift to Miami.
If airlift or other such critical care services are needed we recommend E-Med Air Ambulance Service.

In cases of diving accidents it is best to immediately contact DAN (Divers Alert Network) in the US for consultation where necessary. Divers Alert Network Ph. +1-919-684-4326 or Ph. +1-919-684-8111 (both 24 hour emergency numbers) Ph. +1-919-684-2948 (Information).
In Jamaica there is a recompression chamber at the Marine Lab in Discovery Bay Ph.+1-876-973- 2241 (8am-5pm).


There are no specific dress requirements at Skylark – it is a casual, informal place. We do, however, prefer that swimwear not be worn to the restaurant without a cover-up and/or shirt.


Drugs, including marijuana (ganja), are illegal in Jamaica. Given its illegal nature, smoking in the public areas of the hotel is not allowed. Please do not put any of the staff in a compromising position by asking them where to purchase drugs of any kind. Never travel with drugs, as random road searches are common. Such searches are thorough and meticulous and offenses may be met with a fine or time in the lock-up.

Drug Store

See “Pharmacy” in this section of the directory.


Early Morning Check Out

If you are leaving early in the morning please arrange with the Front Office to settle your account the night before your departure. After checking out you will no longer be able to charge items to your room or use the mini bar.

Also see “Front Office” in this section of the directory.


The electricity at Skylark (110 volts, single phase) is similar to that found in the USA and applies throughout the hotel. In addition, you will find plug fittings consistent with those found in the USA. The only difference between the power in Jamaica and that found in the USA is the cycle; the USA is 60 Hz and Jamaica is 50 Hz. This has no effect on most appliances (hair dryers, curling tongs, heated rollers, shavers, personal computers, irons etc.) although extended use over long periods can lead to rechargeable batteries wearing out more quickly. We advise to only plug in rechargeable items while in use and for a few hours when recharging. In the event of a failure in the supply of power, Skylark has its own generator that will restore power in a matter of minutes.


Immediately contact the Front Desk, dial “0” and ask them to locate the hotel management in the case of an emergency. See also Doctors in this section for Medical Emergency. Other useful emergency numbers are: Negril Police, Savanna-la-mar Road, Ph. +1-876-957-4268
Negril Fire Station, Red Ground Road, Ph. +1-876-957-4242 *
Lifecall Private Ambulance, Island-wide Ph. +1-876-464-8379 >* Note the Negril Ambulance operates from the Negril Fire Station, but is required to transport you to the Savanna-la-mar General Hospital only. >



The ceiling fan is switched on and off at the wall switch. The settings on the fan can be adjusted. If you are having difficulty locating the switch or operating the fan please notify the Front Desk or Housekeeping.


There is a fax machine at the Front Desk available for the sending and receiving faxes. Also see “Telephone” section in the introduction of this directory.


These guidance notes have been prepared to help you in the event of an emergency. Please read them so that you know what to do and where to go in the event of a fire. If you hear the fire alarm or see smoke you should take the following action. If it is a minor incident or a small fire each room is fitted with an operative fire extinguisher. Fight only small fires. Flee larger fires. There are operational instructions on the fire extinguisher, please familiarize yourself with its use. Additional extinguishers are located at the Front Desk, the Restaurant, and the Kitchen. Even if it is a minor incident please contact the Main Gate Security (Ext. 223) as soon as possible. In the case of a major fire, please immediately vacate your room and contact the main gate security. Do not stop to collect personal belongings. Each room is fitted with an operative smoke detector that will sound in the case of fire. If there is smoke in your room, roll out of bed, onto the floor, and crawl to the door. Don’t stand as smoke rises. If needed collect a towel or pillow slip and hold it over your face to act as an air filter and help you breath. Go immediately to the Front Desk of the hotel. Few people get burned in fires. Most people die or are injured from smoke, poisonous gases and panic. Panic is usually the result of not knowing what to do. If you have an escape plan and adapt it to the emergency, you can greatly increase your chances of survival. Stay calm, keep relaxed, and think. Text adapted from “How to survive a hotel fire” published by the British Safety Council.


See the Negril Guide Section.

Flight Information

See “Airlines” in this section of the directory.

Foreign Currency / Travelers Checks

Small amounts of US Dollars and US Dollar Travelers Checks may be exchanged at the Front Desk. A few other hotels also operate a “Bureau de Change” and a number of licensed Cambios are also in operation. The closest is about a mile in town from Skylark on the side right hand side across from Burger King. Ph. 957-3327. It is illegal (and sometimes dangerous) to exchange currency outside of licensed locations. The best place to exchange money is at the banks - they can also provide credit card cash advances. Please retain your bank receipt to exchange back at the airport on departure. Also see “Banks” in this section of the directory.

Front Desk

The Front Desk is open from 7:00a.m. until 8:00p.m. daily. If you are checking out before 8:00a.m. it is best to arrange to settle your account the evening before your departure. Also see “Check-in/Check-out” in this section of the directory.



See Negril Guide section of this directory.

Guest Relations

Our management team is always ready to provide general assistance and information. Please ask at the Front Desk for the Guest Relations Manager on duty. At check-in you will have received a schedule with the daily activities offered to our guest. These include complimentary Yoga on Mondays, Spa experience on Tuesdays, Managers Social on Wednesday, Community Tour on Thursdays, Cooking show on Fridays and Garden Tour on Sundays. Please dial Extension 0 for more details.

Guest Questionnaire

Please take the time to fill out our Guest Questionnaire located in the front cover of this booklet and drop it in the suggestion box at the Front Desk. There are also copies available at the Front Desk.


Hair Dryer

Each guest room is equipped with a hair dryer; it is mounted on the wall in each guests bathroom. If the one provided in room is not working please contact the Front Office and a hand held hair dryer will be delivered to the room for use.


There are a number of hairdressers available in Negril. Please ask the Front Desk for assistance in recommending one suitable for your needs.

Health Club

See Negril Guide section of this directory.

Horseback Riding

See Negril Guide section of this directory.


See “Doctors” in this section of the directory.

Housekeeping Services

The Housekeeping Team will make every effort to ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. The housekeeping department is available from 7:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. daily. Your room will be serviced each day. If you have any specific requests do not hesitate to contact them.


Due to its geographic location hurricanes are very rare in Jamaica, particularly at the western end of the island in Negril. In the improbable event of a hurricane guests will be notified at least twelve hours ahead. We have a comprehensive hurricane emergency plan that includes evacuation to a safer location if needed. Safety procedures will be issued to your room at least three hours before such an evacuation occurs. The Front Desk will have updates on the whereabouts of any hurricanes in the area and the updated probabilities of such an event.


As Tourism provides many Jamaicans with the opportunity to earn a living, you can expect to be approached while outside the hotel property with offers of goods and services. Most Jamaicans are cheery, helpful, law abiding folks with a concern to make a foreign visitors experience a positive one. However, there are a number of hustlers who make a living by seizing opportunities and harassing tourists. Don’t let these experiences bother you. A polite but firm “I’m OK thank-you” will normally see you on your way. If they persist a wise crack can often break a confrontation and earn respect. If you are approached by anyone on the property selling goods or services not connected to the hotel, or are harassed by anyone, please inform the hotel manager. Our endeavor is to create a peaceful environment at Skylark free from such disturbances and your feedback can assist us.



Ice is available on request from the Restaurant. Please dial Ext.243 and it will be delivered to your room.


Irons are provided in all guests rooms. Please dial “0” if one is not found in the room.


Jamaican Tourist Board

Although there is no Negril office for the Jamaica Tourist Board; the Regional office is located on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay. Their phone number is Ph. 1-876-952-4425



It is difficult to get copies of keys cut in Negril and so we ask you take particular care of your room keys. US$5 will be charged for a lost room key.


Laundry & Dry Cleaning

The Housekeeping department can assist you with your laundry needs. The hotel takes no responsibility for items lost or damaged.

Lost and Found

Our Front Desk will provide assistance in tracing property lost on the hotel premises – all Team Members are trained to take care of items found, reporting/delivering them to the Front Desk.



Mail can be sent from the Negril Post Office. Stamps for post cards are sold at the Skylark Boutique and can be left at the Front Desk for mailing. See “Post Office” in this section.

Manager on Duty

There is a manager on duty from 7:00a.m. until 10:00p.m. daily. For immediate help outside these times please contact our Security team by the front desk by dialing “223”. In case of emergency our General Manager resides on property and is on call 24 hours a day at Ext 292. Our Security team is trained on handling any guests issues that may arise and can contact a Manager if one is needed.

Massage & Spa Services

Spa and Massage services are available at Skylark. See “Spa” in this section of the directory.

Medical Care

See “Doctors” in this section of the directory.

Messages/Faxes Received

Messages and faxes received will be taken by the Front Desk and delivered to your room.

Methods of Payment

All account balances are payable upon checkout, or as requested by management. Rooms must be secured by a credit card, or paid for in advance by cash or travelers checks. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express Cards. Personal and company checks are not accepted as payment.

Mosquitoes & Nets

The mosquito nets lower on the inside of the bedposts. Housekeeping will hook the nets over the top of the bedposts to put it up during the day. To put it down the nets are lifted back over the post, while keeping the elastic attachment on the post.

Mosquitoes & Nets

The mosquito nets lower on the inside of the bedposts. Housekeeping will hook the nets over the top of the bedposts to put it up during the day. To put it down the nets are lifted back over the post, while keeping the elastic attachment on the post. See “Creatures” in this section of the directory for advice on beating the mosquitoes.


Night Life

See the Negril Guide section.



Dr. Bernard is located at Coral Seas Plaza in Negril Town. Ph. 1-876-957-3654.



Guests’ cars should be parked in the parking lot on the hotel premises. Cars are parked free of charge and the hotel takes no responsibility for any loss or damage.


The Riverside Pharmacy is located beside Burger King near the Negril Roundabout, Ph. 1-876-957-9348 for drugs, prescriptions, blood pressure checks, cosmetics, gift items, stationery, greeting cards, novelties, ear piercing, photo supplies etc. Opening hours are:
  • Monday to Saturday: 8:30 a.m. — 8:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
Bay Watch Pharmacy is located Shop #11, Hi Lo Plaza, Ph. 1-876-957-3941 provides a similar range of goods and services. Opening hours:
  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am- 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 5:30 pm- 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 pm- 7:00 pm


See the Telephone section of this directory, and also the Telephone Information card, which should be located by the phone.


Photocopying can be done through the Front Desk for a nominal fee.

Photo Equipment, Video Equipment and Film Processing

For developing and purchasing film and videotape we recommend Aqua Sun, Photo/Video Lab Services, Plaza de Negril, Negril Town, Ph. 1-876-957-9008.


There are a number of professional photographers available in Negril. Please ask the Front Desk for assistance in recommending one suitable for your needs.


Our guests here at Skylark Negril can take advantage of the swimming pool our sister property, the Rockhouse Hotel. The pool officially opens from 10:00 a.m. each day until sunset while the Pool Bar is manned. You may swim at other times but be careful, as there is no lifeguard on duty. Pool towels are available at the pool bar. If there is no one there and there are no towels please check with the Front Desk at Rockhouse. For lap swimmers, the pool is sixty foot long at the longest length. During wedding season at the Rockhouse (April to December) the pool area may not be available to offsite guests, please check with our Front Desk here at Skylark before heading over to use the pool. If the pool area is not available guests can still visit the Rockhouse and access the ocean via the several access points located on property.


See “Emergencies” in this section


Skylark postcards may be purchased in the Skylark Boutique

Post Office

Heading into Negril Town from Skylark, the Post Office is located on the left hand side of the road between Sunshine & King’s Plaza and the Scotia Bank. The post Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday Ph. 1-876-957-9654. Stamps for post cards are sold at the Skylark Boutique and can be left at the Front Desk for mailing.



See “Front Desk” in this section of the directory.

Religious Services

he following places of Worship are located in Negril and have ceremonies at the following times:
  • Anglican Episcopal –– Sun. 8:00 a.m.
  • Assemblies of God –– Sun. 11:00 a.m.
  • New Testament Church of God –– Sun. 10:00 a.m.
  • Roman Catholic –– Sun. 10:00 a.m.
  • Seventh Day Adventist –– Sat. 11:30 a.m.
  • United Church (Presby) –– Sun. 11:30 a.m.
  • United Pentecostal –– Sun. 12:30 p.m.
Ask at the Front Desk for directions.


Please just look, don’t touch the reef. Most of it is still alive, but many patches have died due to carelessness. Be careful, as we must save our reefs. The Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society has established a Marine Park and Protected Area, extending from Green Island to Salmon Point, with funding from the European Union, the Environment Foundation of Jamaica, Canadian Green Fund, and matching community support through fund-raising activities and donations. Zoning for recreation, reef restoration, and fish nurseries, as well as water quality monitoring are included in the program and are being finalized. Marine Park Rangers have been trained and are patrolling the coastal waters monitoring environmental conditions, fishing and recreational activities. Skylark is on its way to becoming a member of the Reef Preservation Society and is actively involved in protecting the natural environment. For more information contact:


Rockhouse Foundation

The Rockhouse Foundation has spent over US$5 Million in donations from its supporters on projects supporting education in the Negril Area. Please join us on our weekly Community Tour on Wednesdays at 10:30 am to see the work of the Foundation firsthand during your stay. In addition please see the About US segment in this directory for more on our Foundation.

Room Change

Room changes are a breeze at Skylark. On the day of your move, please check with the Front Desk (extension 0) for an approximate time that your room will be ready and then have your items packed by then and we will move your luggage to your new room for you. Please remember to retrieve the items in your room safe in the process.

Room Keys

Please ensure that your room keys are returned to the Front Desk on check out.

Room Service

See the Food & Drink section of this directory.

Rough Seas

Approximately once per year Skylark will experiences very rough seas from large swells, often caused by hurricane activity or cold fronts that extend down the eastern seaboard of the USA into the Caribbean. At such time it may be necessary to close access to the beach area. The sea usually calms down in a day or so. At other times the sea can become quite choppy and dangerous. Please be extra careful at these times and observe any danger signs



Each Room is fitted with an electronic room safe. This security box is provided free of charge for your convenience and the security of your valuables. Although it is not intended as a substitute for the safe maintained by and under the supervision of management, the presence of this security box in your room removes this hotel from liability for the loss or theft of your belongings including valuables. To operate the electronic safe place items inside then enter your desired password and select close. Use this password to gain access by re-entering the password and selecting open.

Scuba Diving & Scuba Operators

See “Snorkeling” in this section for Skylark Rentals. See Negril Guide section of this directory.


Please assist us in taking basic security precautions. Ensure that all room doors are kept locked when you are not in your room during the day and while you are sleeping at night. Please use the room safe or the hotel safe at the Front Desk for valuables. In addition, please leave the outside patio/balcony light switched on at night. In case of fire each room is fitted with a fire extinguisher. There are operational instructions on the fire extinguisher. Additional extinguishers are located at the Front Desk, the Restaurant, and the Kitchen. In the case of an incident or emergency immediately contact our Main Security station at the front desk. This station is manned 24 hours a day. Please assist us in ensuring the security of our guests - immediately report anything suspicious to management or our security department. We regret that the hotel cannot be responsible for valuables left in your room. Safety deposit boxes are provided free of charge inside your room.


See Skylark Boutique section of this directory.


See Negril Guide section of this directory.

Sightseeing & Places of Interest

See “Tours” in the Negril Guide section of this directory.

Snorkeling Rental

Snorkeling gear is available for rental for registered guests. Snorkeling gear is available from the Front Desk from 7:00 a.m. and must be returned by 6:00p.m. to avoid payment for an extra day. Guests may retain the gear in their room if they wish to hire for more than one day and will be charged extra days for non-returned equipment whether it is used or not. Rental cost for a full set of Snorkeling gear is US$5.00 per day.


With its simple holistic approach to wellbeing, health and happiness Skylark’s Spa Is an energetic temple which overlooks the tropical gardens and features a full range of massages, foot and beauty treatments. Advance bookings are strongly recommended. Reservations are made through the Spa reception; just dial 234. Cancellations with less than four hours’ notice and no shows will be charged the full treatment price. Spa treatments are available from 9am, with the last treatment at 6pm daily. Other hours may be arranged with advance notice. Join the spa team for our Spa Weekly Wellness Sensory Experience which will introduce you to some spa teasers on the yoga deck Tuesday Morning - 10.30 – 12.30.  Also see our full spa treatment menu in your room.

Suggestion Box

Our suggestion box is located at the Front Desk. Please take the time to fill out our Guest Questionnaire located at the Front Desk and drop it in the box. Your feedback can help us to make your next stay even more enjoyable!



Listed under “Transport” in the Negril Guide section of the directory you will find fares we have agreed with Kenny Tours who is Skylark’s primary transport company They are available through the Front Office for local, out of town and airport transfers. These fares provide an indication of what is a fair rate to agree with you choose to use other taxis. These rates are also posted at the Front Desk. It is important to note that almost every car in Jamaica is a “taxi”, however, it is only those with red number plates that are licensed and insured for carrying passengers. Taxis for local trips can be hailed at the main gate of the property. Our Main Gate Security will be happy to help you. Rates can be negotiated in either US or Jamaican dollars. Bargaining, or “haggling”, is not uncommon in Jamaica especially where cabs are concerned. Unlike some countries, however, it usually does not take long to arrive at a fair price. Always agree to the price before getting into a taxi. Also see “Transfers to the Airport” in this section of the directory.


See Negril Guide section of this directory.


See Taxis in this section and Transport and Tours in the Negril Guide Section.


Receiving Calls

When receiving a call if the call is an internal call, the extension it is
dialed from will be shown in the LCD display.  If another call comes through to your room while you are on the line the phone will ring, press the hold key – this will place the first call on hold and you will be immediately connected to the second call.  Press hold again to switch back to the first call. Press release to hang up the unwanted call, and then hold again and you will be returned to the other call.


Calls to our main telephone number, Ph. 876-957-4364, will be transferred to your room.  After five rings in your room the call will be forwarded back to the Front Desk where a message will be taken.  Messages will be delivered to your room and left under the door.

Guest Internet Access

Guests can access wireless internet access throughout the property and also in room. Each guest room is equipped with its own access point which ensures high-speed quality internet at all times.

If you are having issues with the internet service while staying with us
please feel free to contact the Front Desk at “221”.

Placing Calls

There should be a telephone information card located by your phone
that gives basic dialing instruction. Some key extensions include:
Emergency 0
Front Desk 221
Restaurant/Room service 243
Spa 234
Restaurant/Room service 243
Boutique 233
Baggage Assistance 223


Sending Faxes can be arranged with the Front Desk. Skylark’s fax number is 876-957-4808.  Any faxes received will be delivered to your room and left under your door.  Faxes will be sent / received at the following rates;


The time here is Eastern Standard Time. Jamaica does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Tips on Tipping

A 10% Service Charge is automatically added to your bill. This is fully distributed and shared amongst the staff. In addition, at your discretion, feel free to express your appreciation directly to anyone providing good service.

Tours / Day Trips

See Negril Guide section of this directory.

Transfers To The Airport

The trip from Negril to Montego Bay takes approximately one and a half to two hours by picturesque coastal road or about fifteen minutes by air. The alternative modes of transport and costs include: Tour Buses - Cost US$25 per person for a one-way trip to Montego Bay. We regularly use Tropical Tours Ph. 1-876-952-2323 (Montego Bay) or Ph. 1-876-957-4110 (Negril). Tour Buses can be a cost effective alternative, depending on the number of people traveling in your group, although it can take a little longer as they may pick-up at other Negril hotels on the way. Transfers can be arranged through the Front Desk. Car / Jeep Rental - See Car Rental Section Motorcycle / Moped Rental - See Bike Rental Section Taxis - Taxis can be arranged at the Front Desk and cost US$80 for a one-way trip from Skylark to the Airport. Kenny Tours who are the primary transport providers for Skylark park a van on the property – see Transport & Tours in the Negril Guide Section. Mini Buses - For the truly adventurous you can get to Montego Bay Airport traveling the local way, via minibus. Mini-buses are usually jam-packed vans that typically have a conductor who takes your money. Catch a local taxi from the street outside Skylark There you will find drivers and taxi regularly heading to Lucea and Montego Bay. Check the sign painted on the side of the vehicle, and with other passengers once on board. Either catch a Montego Bay minibus, or one to Lucea and change there for another bus to Montego Bay. Ensure that you take the bus via Lucea, as this is the most direct route. It will cost approximately US$10 in total to get to Montego Bay. Catch a taxi from downtown Montego Bay to the Airport for about US$10. Alternatively, once in Montego Bay you can walk out to the main street and flag down a local bus or taxi and ride for about US$2 to the airport. Then you will need to walk down the entrance road to the airport departures area! Flights - The flight from Negril to Montego Bay takes about 15 minutes on small, one or twin engine planes. The journey offers a great view of the North West coastline. Tim Air offers a charter service to Montego Bay from Negril. They are approximately US$220 per plane for two persons. Reservations should be made in advance. See Airlines in this section of the directory for contact details. The Negril Airport is about three miles from Skylark. A taxi to the Negril airport from the hotel costs approximately US$15 for up to four persons.

Translation Assistance

For translation assistance call:



An umbrella is provided in each room. A limited supply of additional umbrellas is provided at the Security Desk.



We have currently upgraded our rental televisions to flat screens and also the movies from VCR to DVD's. In the event you would like to take advantage of this service, please visit the Rockhouse Boutique. See the Rockhouse Boutique section for more details.


Wake-Up Calls

Please contact the night Security at the Front Desk if you wish to be woken before 7:00a.m. For wake-up calls after that time please contact the Front Office.


The tap water in Jamaica is drinkable - it is purified and filtered. Bottled water is available in your mini bar and at the Restaurant. Please help us to conserve water by using it sparingly. If you do not require your bath towels to be washed hang them up on the racks provided. There are often problems with pressure and continuity with the local water supply. Rockhouse has its own storage tanks and pressure pumps to ensure your stay is comfortable and service is continuous.

Water Sports

The tap water in Jamaica is drinkable - it is purified and filtered. Bottled water is available in your mini bar and at the Restaurant. Please help us to conserve water by using it sparingly. If you do not require your bath towels to be washed hang them up on the racks provided. There are often problems with pressure and continuity with the local water supply. Rockhouse has its own storage tanks and pressure pumps to ensure your stay is comfortable and service is continuous.


Rockhouse is available for weddings - please contact our Wedding Coordinator/Asst. General Manager at the Front Desk for further details.



Is offered daily at 8:00 am at our Yoga Deck. Please see “Yoga” in the Negril Guide section of this directory for more details.