Rockhouse Foundation

The Rockhouse Foundation transforms the learning spaces of Western Jamaica’s children and supports the great people who teach them. Established fifteen years ago, the Rockhouse Foundation has invested over US$5 million in transforming and modernizing six local schools that were in desperate need of support, and completed renovated the Negril Community Library. We are committed to improving the Negril area’s learning infrastructure in order to empower the next generation.

Last year, the Foundation opened our most ambitious project to date: the Savanna-La-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy (Sav Inclusive). The school is based on an inclusion-model, wherein regular learners and those with special needs learn alongside one another. With incredible specialize support, children of all learning styles learn from and bolster each other.

The Rockhouse Foundation is both an IRS approved New York 501(c)3 charity and a Jamaica approved charity. The foundation’s work directly impacts the lives of thousands of children and their families everyday.

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